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Offering well researched water sanitizer and Disinfectant chemicals in the form of effervescence, Non effervescence tablets, pellets, granules and powders. This products suitable for sanitizing water during natural calamity (emergency use), water for public utility, drinking water, for cooling tower biocides, sanitizing the feed water of poultry & large animals, disinfecting their sheds, aqua culture, swimming pool chlorination, sewage water treatment, house hold bleach in various domestic and industrial use.

About Us

Water borne organisms are microscopic in natures which are not detected with naked eye. A large number of people fall prey to these organisms and suffer seriously from chronic diseases like Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Polio, etc. These diseases are caused due to presence of bacteria, fungus, viruses, protozoa, and like germs in the water.

Life time Associates Pvt. Ltd. Has come forward with chemicals and formulation that are very effective against pathogens in water tot the level of highest standard the company is renowned manufacturer, supplier, trader and distributor of water disinfecting tablets, granules and powder of chlorinated isocyanurate, effective and economical solution.

Our motto is to check the alarming death rate due to consumption of impure water, reported every year by the world Health organization. The chemical property of our disinfectant is such that becomes usable, portable and suitable for drinking immediately after the dissolution of tablets. Count on us for an effective, economic and hygienic way of water sanitizing tablets.

Effervescence Tablets
  • For emergency use during the natural calamity
  • For hospital hygiene and to disinfect area affected by Infection.
  • Chlorination of domestic water supply (tablets of 1.75gms, 3.5gms and 5gms strength)

  • Chlorination of large water tank for distribution to public
  • Chlorination of feed water for poultry and large animal
  • Disinfect their sheds
  • Chlorination of swimming pool
  • Chlorination in aqua culture
  • Biocides in cooling towers
  • Treatment of sewage & effluent water


We undertake outsourcing of large volume of water chlorinated for distribution to public utility in cities, towns, municipalities and in large industrial colonies. We can provide this service and assure the required amount of chlorine at the consumer end.

Infrastructural Setup

Since we are manufacturing chemical compounds for the purpose of effective purification of water, we remain highly concerned about the safety and security of the users. We accomplish production work efficiently with the help of manufacturing units which are facilitated with latest machines and technologies.

We have a team of well qualified professionals and few prominent ones are chemical engineers, R&D staff, Quality analysts, and marketing executives, amongst others. Life time Associates Pvt. Ltd. Has a well organized marketing and distributing network across the country. Through rapid product delivery mechanism, we ensure total customer satisfaction under all circumstances.

We regularly implement the updated production formula which make our products completely safe for human consumption our disinfectants are best suitable for water treatments.

Why Us?

Our disinfectants besides being very effective are also:
  • Reasonable in price
  • Hygienic to use
  • Eco friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Assured amount of chlorine at processed and consumer end
  • Easy to store and Transport
  • Can fit into any system of chlorination no new mechanism needed.

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